HP Unix - Read Depot Without Installing


In some situations it is needed to check the content of “.depot” file without installing it.
In this short document we’ll see hot to open a “.depot” file to see the content of it.

This example was tested on:

  • HP Unix / HP UX / HP-UX
  • Linux
  • Cygwin

Uncompressing the “.depot” file

To uncompressing of HP-UX “.depot” file you can use this command:

# tar -vxf <NAME_OF>.depot

To prevent messing up our file system in this example we will create a directory and put all related files in to it:

[root@hpux:~]# mkdir /tmp/test/                                                    # Creat directory where we will place all related files

[root@hpux:~]# cp Test_01.00.depot /tmp/test/                                      # Copy " .depot " in to this new directory

[root@hpux:~]# cd /tmp/test/                                                       # Go to the new dorectory

[root@hpux:/tmp/test/]# tar -vxf Test_01.00.depot                                  # Uncompress ".depot" file
x catalog/INDEX, 693 bytes, 2 tape blocks
x catalog/dfiles/INDEX, 250 bytes, 1 tape blocks
x catalog/dfiles/INFO, 138 bytes, 1 tape blocks
x catalog/Test/pfiles/INDEX, 267 bytes, 1 tape blocks
x catalog/Test/pfiles/INFO, 138 bytes, 1 tape blocks
x catalog/Test/Test/INDEX, 176 bytes, 1 tape blocks
x catalog/Test/Test/INFO, 1057 bytes, 3 tape blocks
x catalog/Test/Test/configure, 751 bytes, 2 tape blocks
x catalog/Test/Test/preremove, 935 bytes, 2 tape blocks
x Test/Test/opt/test/bin/config_install, 751 bytes, 2 tape blocks
x Test/Test/opt/test/bin/config_remove, 935 bytes, 2 tape blocks
x Test/Test/opt/test/data/Hello_world.txt, 34 bytes, 1 tape blocks

Content of ".depot" file

After uncompressing of depot file it is possible to see the whole structure of the depot file:

[root@hpux:/tmp/test/]# ll                                                          # Check the list of new directories that have been in ".depot" file
total 48
drwxr-xr-x   4 root       sys             96 Oct 21 12:56 catalog
drwxr-xr-x   3 bin        bin             96 Oct 21 12:56 Test
-rw-r--r--   1 root       sys          20480 Oct 21 12:56 Test_01.00.depot

[root@hpux:/tmp/test/]# find ./*                                                    # list of all directories and files included in ".depot"
./Test                                                                              # Directory including SW/Data and Scripts
./Test/Test/opt/test/bin/config_install                                              # Script executed durinf Installation
./Test/Test/opt/test/bin/config_remove                                               # Script executed durinf Uninstallation

./Test_01.00.depot                                                                   # Original ".depot" file

./catalog                                                                            # Information for OS, how to deal with this ".depot"
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