WMI - WMI Objects


Before you can fully use WMI interface of your MS Windows Server you will probably need to know the list of supported objects.

Get List of WMI Objects

To get list of all available WMI objects from your system you will need to do this steps:

PoweShell - WMI Classes

Syntax: “ Get-WmiObject -Class [classname]-NameSpace [namespace] -ComputerName [ComputerName] ”

Start -> Run -> powershell.exe -> Enter                                                  # Start PowerShell interface

PS C:\Users\user> Get-WmiObject -list | format-list>  \Desktop\list.txt                  # List all WMI classes from your OS and redirect them in to file

To check the available WMI classes you will need to open the file ( C:\Users\user\Desktop\list.txt ) that we have created.

Get-WmiObject uses the root/cimv2 namespace by default. To change it you will need to use parameter ” -Namespace ”

PS C:\Users\user> Get-WmiObject -list -Namespace root | format-list>  \Desktop\list.txt

WMI CIM Studio

To use this tool for WMI classes browsing is required to install “WMI Administrative Tools”

It is possible to get it from: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=24045

Start -> All Programs -> WMI Tools -> WMI CIM Studio                             # This will start WEB interface for WMI data management


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