Most probably many of you do have access to some server with unused HDD space at network. According to this it would be probably handy to use this space.
In the case that you have a server on public internet and you are using more as one PC (at home, in office, at school,….) you can use it as well as network files stem / storage / shared disk / …
In this document we'll see how to mount remote FS with help of SSH to your Windows client in the way that for most application this remote FS will be transparently accessible like standard disk.


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WIN-SSHFS is SSH client that can be installed on MS Windows OS to mount remote FS with help of SSH protocol. For authentication and authorization it is possible to use SSH keys generated for OpenSSH client. According to mentioned SSH connection method with help of this application it’s possible to secure data transfer between client and server. For most application running on MS Windows Client this method of mounting remote FS is taken as standard FS that is mapped on local client from remote Samba server.


To download the installation files please visit download page:
At the time of writing this document the last release was: win-sshfs-
Please download the last release to your MS Windows Client.


Pleases execute installation file that you have downloaded. It will navigate you through the installation in user friendly GUI.


After you’ve installed the win-sshfs on your MS Windows Client. Please start the installed application.

It will open user friendly GUI where is needed to configure connection and mount parameters:

      Drive Name             - Name of the connection how it will be saved at win-sshfs application.
      Host                   – IP/FQDN of remote SSH Server
      Port                   – TCP port where to connect to. Commonly SSH is using port 22/TCP.
      Username               – Name of user that will be used for Authentication and Authorization on remote SSH server.
      Authentication method  – Private Key / Password. You need to choose here based on your possibilities.
      Private Key / Password - You need to provide Password or PATH to your SSH Private Key
      <   >                -  Pass phrase /Password – based on you your authentication method
      Directory              – “.” = home directory of user ; “/” = root directory of OS
      Driver Letter          – Choose the letter how the remote FS will be mounted to your OS.

Save – Save the setting
Mount – Mount the remote FS
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