Install putty in Linux (Slackware)


Putty is nice application that is used as SSH/Serial/Telnet client at many users. It is really nice tools for users that are running M$ platform on client site and would like to connect to beautiful console on Linux / UX server. It user friendly GUI for users that would like to use SSH connection. According to this it is handy to install it on your M$ running PC. On another hand it is possible to use it as well in Linux like GUI for SSH connections .

Before we will start

Please make sure that you have installed “make”, “gcc” and “gtk2-devel” packages on your Linux.

Install Putty

Downlad source

Check on the download web page( of putty what is the last stable release version and what is the URL for download. (At the time of writing this document it was putty-0.63)

# mkdir /tmp/install                                                     # Create file where we'll download putty
# cd /tmp/install
# wget      # download last release


I do like to use the old UX way to maintain application installation and to install all application in to “/opt/<application_name>” it is really nice way how to keep clear environment. Any way it’s up to you if you would like to use this way or not (just you will need to specify the options at ./configure).

# cd /tmp/install                                               # Go to downloaded source files
# tar -vxzf putty-0.63.tar.gz                                   # Untar downloaded data
# cd putty-0.63                                                 # Go to new directory with the source files
                                                                # Configure source data
# ./configure --prefix=/opt/putty/ --exec-prefix=/opt/putty
                                                                # Optional, you can change or ignore it
# make                                                          # Compile the source files
# make install                                                  # Copy complied files to right directories

For more configuration parameters run “./configure –help”


Slackware 14.0
Slackware 14.1


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