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Today many of operating systems are delivered with already installed SNMP software. According to this it is probably not really required for anyone to know how to compile Net-SNMP from source.

On another hand it is any time good to know something more for the case that once we will need it.

At this document I’ll describe how to install Net-SNMP on CentOS (but in same way it can be installed on most of the UX/Linux based platforms).

RPM based installation

To describe rpm installation is not goal of this document. On another hand I need to say that it is the simplest way how to install SNMP service on your server. As well for most of administrators it is enough to install prebuilded RPM packages.

[root@SNMP-Master ~]# yum install net-snmp*               # This will install all that is needed

Official URL with binary distributed files: binaries/

Install from source

Required software

Before we can start it is required to install:

# yum install gcc


Before we can start please visit homepage of the project Net-SNMP ( for latest release.

This will tell you what the latest release is and where to download.

At the time of writing this document the last version of release was, available at:

Please download the last release of Net-SNMP to your server.

I have downloaded it in to “/usr/local/src/net-snmp-” as I do like the old UX way to keep the installation files.


Unpack the source file

[root@SNMP-Master ~]# cd /usr/local/src/
[root@SNMP-Master src]# tar -vxzf net-snmp-

Configure the source

[root@SNMP-Master src]# cd net-snmp-
[root@SNMP-Master net-snmp-]# ./configure --help           # This will provide list of parameters to configure the source code
[root@SNMP-Master net-snmp-]# ./configure                  # This will start interactive configuration and ask you for the most important parameters

After its done you'll see:

            Net-SNMP configuration summary:

  SNMP Versions Supported:    1 2c 3
  Building for:               linux
  Net-SNMP Version: 
  Network transport support:  Callback Unix Alias TCP UDP IPv4Base SocketBase TCPBase UDPIPv4Base UDPBase
  SNMPv3 Security Modules:     usm
  Agent MIB code:             default_modules =>  snmpv3mibs mibII ucd_snmp notification notification-log-mib target agent_mibs agentx disman/event disman/schedule utilities host
  MYSQL Trap Logging:         unavailable
  Embedded Perl support:      enabled
  SNMP Perl modules:          building -- embeddable
  SNMP Python modules:        disabled
  Crypto support from:        internal
  Authentication support:     MD5 SHA1
  Encryption support:         DES AES
  Local DNSSEC validation:    disabled


Compile it:

[root@SNMP-Master net-snmp-]# make
[root@SNMP-Master net-snmp-]# make install

Now SNMP client as well SNMP Master software application is installed to your server.


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