NTP Local Time Zone


All NTP servers are providing the time in GMT / UTC format. According to this it’s up to NTP Client to present the OS time in local time zone.

In some cases it is mostly recommended to use GMT / UTC time. For example in large international company. In the case that this company has servers in EMEA, AMS and APAC region it is any time really confusing when each server is using different time. For example if someone is investigating an issue, it's just wasted time that he need to spend when he is comparing logs from different time zones.

Change Local Time Zone

Zone Information File

Please check the “/usr/share/zoneinfo/” directory as here are stored the Local Time Zone configuration files that we will need to use for Time Zone configuration update. Try to find the one that is corresponding to your location.

[root@NTP-Stratum-2 ~]# ls /usr/share/zoneinfo
Africa      Asia       Canada   Cuba   EST      GB       GMT-0      HST      iso3166.tab  Kwajalein  Mideast  NZ       Portugal    PST8PDT  Singapore  US    zone.tab
America     Atlantic   CET      EET    EST5EDT  GB-Eire  GMT+0      Iceland  Israel       Libya      MST      NZ-CHAT  posix       right    Turkey     UTC   Zulu
Antarctica  Australia  Chile    Egypt  Etc      GMT      Greenwich  Indian   Jamaica      MET        MST7MDT  Pacific  posixrules  ROC      UCT        WET
Arctic      Brazil     CST6CDT  Eire   Europe   GMT0     Hongkong   Iran     Japan        Mexico     Navajo   Poland   PRC         ROK      Universal  W-SU

Configure your Time Zone

After you have found the right Time Zone config file you’ll copy it to “ /etc/localtime ”

[root@NTP-Stratum-2 ~]# date                                                # Local OS time before change
Tue Mar 18 14:45:16 UTC 2014

[root@NTP-Stratum-2 ~]# cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Japan /etc/localtime         # Changing of OS time config
cp: overwrite `/etc/localtime'? y

[root@NTP-Stratum-2 ~]# date                                                # After changing of the time
Tue Mar 18 23:45:42 JST 2014
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