What is Netdisco


In larger network infrastructure environment it is sometime really difficult to track interconnection between network devices or to locate a server. According to this we do have protocols like LLDP, CDP, … that are well known for network engineers. With help of mentioned protocols it is possible to discover neighbors of network devices. In many cases it is the only way how to track the network path between source and destination in network environment. As well there are several open source application providing this service that can be used on Linux/UX/MS platforms.


Is open source application that is using SNMP protocol for ISO/OSI (but as well TCP/IP) Layer 2 (L2) discovery of network infrastructure.

Netdisco is able to provide you the L2 topology of your infrastructure based on:
- ARP cache information of managed devices
- MAC cache information of managed devices
- LLDP, CDP, …information of managed devices

In the case that you are managing large network infrastructure and you are missing proper documentation, it is really handy and can save your time. On another hand it is required to have correct configured and working SNMP agents and LLDP, CDP protocols on all your network devices.


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