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Netdisco WEB GUI


Web interface of Netdisco is accessible on the URL:


You will be asked for login and password that you have configured during the installation

[root@Netdisco netdisco]# ./netdisco -u netdisco                             # WEB user name

In fact I do personally think that the WEB GUI is pretty much self-explaining all you will need to do is to play with it for one or two times and you will be expert of it. On another hand I do not say that it is providing useless information. It is just nice, clean and easy to use and understand GUI.


After you have logged in on right top corner you will see several bottoms. It is possible to select from this menu the report that you are looking for. All information presented in this reports are collected directly from managed devices. According to this it is really important to have correctly configured network device to get right information for your reports.

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