Nagios Core Agentless Monitoring - SSH


At this document we'll see how to use SSH as comunication protocol between Nagios Server and Monitorired Server.

To use SSH protocol will provide us:

  • Secure connection between Nagios Server and Monitored Node
  • Solving of question how to run remote command on Monitored Node
  • In this setup we’ll use SSH Master session that will reduce:
    • Connection delay
    • Network traffic
    • Reduce count of TCP sessions


In this document we’d like to assum:

  • That you’ve installed your Nagios server based on installation manual described on this web site
    • If not please check the document “Nagios Core Installation” at this website. Just to understand the difference between your setup and the described one.
  • That you’re familiar with UX/Linux environment and you have basic understanding of it.
    • If not I'll try to write this as simple as possible, but I cannot guarantee that I will cover all
  • That you’re familiar with meaning of SSH Master session and Multiplexing of SSH sessions.

Configure Nagios Server

Nagios Server User Configuration

Create User

User SSH - Config

Nagios - Command Config

Nagios - Host Config

Nagios - Service Config

Configure Monitored Node

Monitored Node User Configuration

Create User

Nagios - Locate Checks

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